Bahia Palace!

Marrakech is unique city in the middle of Morocco and has nice weather, due to the proximity to Atlas Mountains. In other words, it attracts tourists all over the world. So, the city has several sites to enjoy, opened squares, museums, gardens and food. In addition, Marrakech is one of four imperial cities in Morocco. On other hands, you can book day trips from Marrakech to Atlas Mountains! Therefore, what are the most visited sites in Marrakesh? is it Bahia Palace true?

Lovely building and history In Marrakech.

Marrakech is top visited city by tourists in Morocco. In other words, the city combines between history, weather, location and food. So, there are plenty of historical sights inside old medina. For instance, this Palace is definitely one of the city’s most eye-popping sights. Besides, the palace constructed at the end of the nineteenth century and intended to be the greatest one! So, you can see gorgeous architecture, truly beautiful wooden, stone carvings, painted ceilings and mosaics. Moreover, the gardens are amazing like real oasis. Eventually, the Palace is a must see inside Marrakech especially in old medina.

Bahia Palace is a late 19th-century palace in Marrakesh.
Brilliant Palace inside Marrakesh.

Moroccan history is reflecting life of Moroccan Jewish community through 19th and 20th centuries. In other words, there are few synagogues still functioning in Mellah and worth visit. For instance Salat El-Azma (Lazama). So, visiting Marrakesh Mellah is a must to anyone who is interested in the subject. Moreover, the building contains typical Moroccan enclosed courtyard and the synagogue itself. As well as, there are also many pictures, photos, artifacts, and documents.

We also recommend visiting, Majorelle Garden. and Medersa Ben Youssef!